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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Callng all C.S.I.s


Enquiring minds (namely me) would like to know which cat made these kitty prints on the bathroom mirror. They appear to be litter based with thin strands of hair trapped between the litter particles. Seriously, are there any CSI students out there who would like to come and test the prints for particulates and kitty DNA? And just how accurate are paw print comparison tests anyway?

In other cat news, yesterday I saw a flea on Mabel and so we had to pull out the big guns.


Last night I was able to extract two fleas from her furry little self. She actually loves being combed (see evidence below).


Afterward she slept and purred for hours, and so far I haven't seen her scratch her head. (Note: if she scratches again she's getting a bath.)

Monkey is a different story. For no particular reason he is deathly afraid of the flea comb and the potential torture it could inflict upon him. So he yowls, howls, hisses and then he hides. I guess we'll just keep our fingers crossed and hope that he doesn't have any fleas...


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