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Saturday, May 21, 2005

mr. clean, you're a genuis...

I'm not sure if you've heard of a little miracle called the "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser." I hadn't. But then, one fateful day (two Sundays ago, actually) my sister called.

"Um, you have to get the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser."


"I'm serious."

"Ok! I get it."

"You don't understand. It got rid of the soap scum. I only had to wipe twice."


Needless to say, despite my feigned apathy I was intrigued. I've been fighting an endless battle against soap scum for some time. Finally, last week (hey, who has time to travel out of Metropolis to go to Tar-zhay?) I picked one up. Of course, it sat for a week in it's packaging immobile on my bathroom counter.

It wasn't actually magic, as the sponge didn't hop out of its' box whilst I slept and clean my bathroom of its own volition. (You're probably thinking "Well, duh." but I was still hoping for some magic ala Fantasia).

Finally this morning I rolled up my sleeves, put on my rubber gloves, and got to work.

While I didn't have the easy breezy time of it that my sister had, that thing managed to get off what looked like it must have been four years of soap scum. I didn't even know how much soap scum I had until i used it on one little bit of tile. After several swipes it was so clean and white, and of course made everything else (i.e. the rest of the bathroom) around it look brownish green.

I was locked in heated battle, and it was quite a fight. Two hours and one completely used up Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge later my bathroom looks cleaner than it ever has.


Now, back to knitting.


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