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Monday, February 13, 2006

What's in a name

When you're a kid, especially a little girl, you covet all things with your name on them. Little license plates for your big wheel, notebooks, pencils, even decorative spoons. However, as a kid I was continually disappointed--they just didn't make stuff for Meredith. They made Mary and MaryAnn and Megan, but nothing with my name.

On occasion my mom, being the original Ms. Crafty herself, would whip up an item with my name on it that was one-of-a-kind. (Thanks for the travel pillow with each letter hand-sewn mom! I will treasure it always.) Even now, if she's shopping and actually finds an item bearing my name, she will buy said item without thinking twice in order to slip in into my xmas stocking. (This year she found a Hello Kitty notepad with my name on it. It's about time, Sanrio.)

Until this year I had never even met another Meredith in person. Now I work two cube rows down from's a little weird. The good news is that we are super different, so people couldn't really get us confused...but I digress...

I've always loved my name, but always wanted more name recognition--more product. So imagine my suprise when nootsmaak managed to send a phone snap of MEREDITH ROAD.

It's my very own street in Fremont, CA.


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