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Saturday, March 25, 2006

"Just finish something already!"

That's a quote from my dear friend Warren from last week's Monday night knitting. Yes, I have KDD. I have bags of sweaters that I knitted all of the pieces to and was just entirely too lazy to bother sewing them together. That, and I have gotten so lazy that I haven't even bothered to weave in ends. I was wearing around a scarf with threads dangling every which way, and I think it sent poor Warren over the edge. So, Warren, this entry is for you.

Even after Janis was generous enough to give me a quick, intensive seaming crash course. I couldn't be bothered. Or, maybe I was aftraid. Seams can make or break a sweater--I mean you spend so much time knitting the pieces and so much money on the yarn. But, today I decided Warren was right--it was high time I finished something...anything...

So, I sewed up a sweater from a past Vogue Knitting made in Rowan calmer. It's a lovely cowlneck spring sweater. I meant to finish it last spring, but better late than never. I worked on those seams all day...and I just have to sew the collar on and block it.

Pics to come tomorrow, when the sun is out!

Now, what should I finish tomorrow? I've got quite a list:
  • clapotis - unravelling ladders and weaving in ends
  • ruffle scarf - weaving in ends
  • pink cable hat - still some knitting to be done, then seaming
  • amelie shrug - seaming, need a button
  • double-knitting scarf - lots and lots 'o knitting
  • hat for G - need to start
  • sweaters for the nieces - also need to start
  • baby jackson's cable sweater - need to mail it

  • Any votes?


    At 4:13 PM, Blogger KB said...

    amelie shrug gets my vote. That yarn is yummy.


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