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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Time to turn heel...

Well, it's time to work the heel of the sock i'm working on...which means I'll be needing some knitting help...I'm not sure if the pattern calls for short rows or what (I think it does, but it doesn't actually call them short rows).

It could be time to mull over "turning heel" in other things, details TBD.

It's time to sit back and DO NOTHING. I've been waiting for weeks to have the opportunity to do absolutely nothing. Last night I got home from work and immediately took to the couch (with a pile of blankets because I swear it is merely 40 degrees in the apartment despite what the thermostat says). Mabel hopped up and we made a night of catnapping and occasionally catching some olympic action.

Today, I've been working on writing a pattern for Warren. I'm famous for just whipping things up on my own and never writing the pattern down. Which means that when I donate them as store samples and folks want to know how to make them I'm in a bit of a pickle.

Mabel has graciously been helping me by acting as my own personal heater. Cats rule.


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