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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Birthday goodies from the disunited queendom

A big thank you to KB, who sent this lovely b'day care package all the way from the UK. Now I can celebrate the new year UK style with sparklers (fit for indoor use...hmmm), a star glitter mini cannon, a lovely atomized bottle, the world's cutest hand soak (with little glove shaped hands), and some delicious yarn!

Thank you KB. I miss you! More importantly, now I have your mailing address!


At 3:00 AM, Blogger KB said...

God bless Royal Mail! It got there only two days late, with all the Christmas craziness! Woo hoo!

There would have been lots of Hob Nobs, but it was so heavy, I decided to bring them to you in person!

I miss you tremendously!


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