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Thursday, May 07, 2009


SOMA kitty

I am totally obsessed with using Tilt-shift to make my photos look like miniatures/scale-models. Look at the model roof kitty! So cute!

What I'm really loving about it is that it makes some rather blah digital landscape photos look really cool.

Beaver Creek, CO
Before Tilt-shift this was a rather disappointing, flat shot of a Beaver Creek hotel or apartment building. After tilt shift it looks really cool!

Of course, you can use it with photography that's already good as well.

Echo Lake
Look at those adorable toy boats!

Warning: this filter is highly addictive and I cannot be held responsible if you decide, much as I did, to search through your entire library of say 20,000 photos obsessively to find the perfect photos to convert into miniatures...


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