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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Marketing 101

You know, you'd think it would occur to me (what with zero comments on any blog entries in the rather short history of my blog) that you probably have to market your blog in some fashion in order to solicit the opinions of otheres...

But no, still I slog on as if I think that magically some day, folks are going to stumble across my completely self-indulgent blog and actually, gasp, read and or comment.

Alas, I simply cannot bring myself to market myself. I mean, I did enough of that getting a new job...I'm marketinged out.

Anyway, since I'm nice and sober this evening, I plan to get alot of knitting my short blog entry today is just about my cat, Mabel.

Mabel's story?

Well, she is a rescue cat. Mabel came to me in 1998 at a time when I was feeling pretty low about the recent death of my college kitty, Wolfie (best cat EVER--I still tear up if I think about him too long). Anyway, she had been left alone in an apartment when a couple divorced. My grandfather found her in the apartment...just her and her enormous cat tree.

She had alot of anxiety issues at first, and would get nervous if you left her alone. But over the years she has mellowed out alot. She finally gets it. That you're not abandoning her every morning, and that you will be back.

But, she's still kind of a jumpy kitty.

But lately, she's become a lap kitty...dare I even jinx it by saying it out loud...and I LOVE IT!

The best part is that I get to spend quality time with her, and she doesn't mind if I knit...yay!

The only thing she cares about now is making sure I stay sitting as long as she'd like...she does this adorably painful (literally painful) thing where if she starts to detect any shift, she digs her little needle-sharp claws in ever so slightly to alert me to the fact that she is NOT ready to get up.

Still I just can't get enough. I never thought I would see this day.

Love you, Mabel. (Don't get jealous, Chirper. Love you, too.)


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