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Monday, June 06, 2005

Shop 'till you drop

So yesterday I met a friend of mine downtown to do a "little" shopping and alot of knitting.

Somehow we ended up doing a TON of shopping and only a little bit of knitting. It all began innocently enough...a quick trip through a flagship Forever 21 (yes, three floors of super cute, cheap clothing and accessories)...hours later we emerged each bearing giant bags (yes, I'm using the plural here because I walked out of that store with three bags) full of accessories.

I wasn't going to mention the shirt that didn't fit, but come on! I'm a size 8 at most...generally I wear a medium. Let's just say that the large t-shirt from forever 21, which in comparison to other size L t-shirts there seemed so much bigger, was WAY WAY too tight. It totally emphasized the back fat rolls I don't have. (Sure, maybe I'm in denial, but if I admit that, then I really have to stick to this stupid diet).

Yep, I'm back on the stinky South Beach diet. I have to fit into a size 6 bridesmaid's dress that I still haven't yet gotten in the mail. Why? Because my sister-in-law picked a dress of which there were only four remaining in the country. Literally. There was compromising on all fronts, since she has four bridesmaids--three of which are virtually the same size.

I'm not quite sure how I got stuck with the next-to-the-smallest size. (Actually, I do, because I wasn't there with them when they were shopping). Oh well. Cottage cheese and salad for me...and maybe a handful of almonds if I'm lucky.

Now I'm craving everything in site. Today I went out to lunch with two friends. To their credit, the little deli we went to had a huge salad selection. However, they also had an amazing baked goods selecton. In fact, they had the tastiest looking pink-frosted cupcake that I have ever seen...I could almost taste how delectable it was standing 10 feet away (I couldn't get any closer, else my willpower would simply melt away).

But I digress.

Anyway, even though I started this blog to write about knitting and crafting, I rarely post crafty pics. So here's where I am on the turtleneck shrug/scarf from that new scarf style book.

Hopefully, I'll start knitting faster again really soon...It's going really slowly right now...I have to get used to dpns again...I've been really relying on circulars...d'oh.

Anyway, I've gotta run out to return the XXS, yet somehow size L t-shirt and am trading it in for some fabulous earrings.



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