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Monday, May 30, 2005

Minnesota-Daze Day 5

Whew, I'm out of breath today. There isn't much to say...I mean, you'd think I'd know my S.O. a little better by now...wait, let me start over.

This morning my S.O. woke up and wanted to take a bike ride...just a quick jaunt around a couple of lakes and back--20 minutes max. Famous last words.

Instead, I ended up on a 30 mile (literally) super bike ride around the entire city of Minneapolis. We saw lakes, beautiful homes, downtown, rode by the Mississippi, and also managed to cut across the center of the city right through the worst ghetto.

Somehow, I managed all of this with a sprained ankle (seriously, each time I pushed the pedal it hurt) as well as a super-sore ass (the seat on this bike was like a brick). And, of course, I think my attitude was pretty stellar considering...

Did I mention that I hate biking?


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