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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Minnesota-Daze Day 3

We decided that we wanted to play "beach volleyball." Now, I live on the left coast and grew up on the Atlantic coast, so to me, beach volleyball means actually playing volleyball on the beach.

But, since there aren't true "beaches" in Minnesota, lots of public parks have sand volleyball courts on which to pretend one is playing at the beach.

Volleyball wasn't enough for the guys, they had to make quite of show of machismo, thus they had to follow up volleyball with some basketball while we watched from the sidelines (and played with my baby nephew).

Then, it S.O.'s brother sprained his ankle. The fun was over. Now with a small toddler (who needs a car seat), a baby (who needs a car seat) and two sprained ankles we had already exceeded the capacity of their station wagon...

So, what do you do once you have two sprained ankles in the house?

Go home and play ping pong of course!

Notice that state pride?


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