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Saturday, May 28, 2005

The N.A. wine

So, my S.O.'s brother's wife is 7 months preggers. And, she's really fantastic about avoiding alcohol, even though the cravings for wine and beer are just about killing her.

One day she was in the store when suddenly she realized that, hello, they make non-alcoholic beer and wine. She got a 12-pack of O'Douls, as well as a bottle of non-alcoholic red wine.

At least with O'Douls (not that I've ever tried it, mind you...I'm really a wine and cocktail drinker) you know what you're getting.

The non-alcoholic wine was the most disgusting thing we had ever tasted. Seriously. It tasted like communion "wine" with a cup full of nasty 'ol vinegar. It was repugnant. So, of course we decided we had to use it to play a joke on my S.O.'s mother who is a self-proclaimed connisseur of fine wines.

Basically, we poured wine for all, and all sat around the table playing Yatzee (yes, they still play Yatzee in Minnesota, in fact, they are HUGE gamers). Anyway, we were playing Yatzee and all sitting on the edge of our seats watching and waiting.

We were all giggles...and it took her more than 5 minutes to take a single was hilarious...she was utterly horrified...

Obviously after that we offered anyone who showed up a glass of N.A. wine...

Good times...


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