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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Diet Schmiet

So I'm supposed to be on a diet. Why? To fit into that bridesmaid dress without having to purchase a girdle.

However, my diet was shot to hell when a friend and I decided to take a picnic lunch of fun snacky things to the owner and proprietor of our LYS.

Of course, had we planned in advance (we're so good at execution, so poor at actual planning), we would have known that our favorite store owner had taken Sunday off. Good for her. Awkward for us.

Basically we had to go back to said friends house and eat the food ourselves...

Normally I would have no objections to such gluttony. But now I've got that pesky dress/albatross around my neck...

Still, I managed to enjoy every bite...especially the TJs Reduced Fat Cheese puffs which are really worth it! Seriously, if you haven't had them and you love cheese puffs (I dare you to name one person who doesn't), you owe it to yourself to try these little dandies.

Mmmmmmm.....I can't believe we ate the whole bag...

Warning: gratuitious cat cuteness below:


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