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Friday, June 10, 2005

Take this job and fill it!

Today was my last official day at my current job. Hooray for me! Seriously, it was difficult to quit. I had all kinds of personal guilt issues...yet somehow I was able to overcome them for a precious few moments, long enough to quit and think things like:

"See ya, wouldn't want to be ya"

"Hasta la vista, baby"

Well, actually I was quite cordial on my last official day at the company from hell. Of course, I didn't do anything at all. I got in to the office, grabbed myself a soda and caught up on some long overdue blog-stalking.

Then I packed up my few remaining personal effects, cause you know once you give notice you just want to take everything home right away and be done with this crapola, gave my desk a windexing (cause I'm nice like that) and sat there. Bored out of my mind....waiting for lunch to roll around.

Also, I took the rare opportunity to flame a co-worker who has been a condescending dickhead for years, and had happened to send a rather snotty email to god and the world and, of course, directed at me this very morning. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. And, I kept it clean, honest, and good luck shithead!

I'm hoping that now god and the world will see this guy for the asshole dipshit that he truly is...and can I just say that IT FELT GOOD! I had been holding on to such hostility for this guy ever since our paths had crossed. Take that, asshole! See ya, wouldn't want to be ya, sucker!

Then, I had lunch with an excellent friend and fellow yarn ho, and bought myself some cashmere blend yarn (I'm not sure how that happened, exactly. I was whistling and skipping all over the place today...on such a fuck it high that I was a little extravagant).

Being a fellow ex-company person, she and I went back to the office (nice and late of can't have a short lunch on your last day) grabbed my stuff and hit the road.

It was totally just like the last day of high school. You say alot of stuff you just don't mean, like:

K.I.T. (Keep in touch) - translation "You'll be lucky if I deem you worthy of communication you silly fuck"

Have a great summer. - translation "I hope all of your hair falls out and you get lots and lots of wrinkles."

It's been great. - translation "Yeah, it's been great taking your shit for all of these years. Good luck finding someone else to take it up the bum."

Take care. - translation "You suck."

Ah well, there are precious few I will actually miss. This shot of Mexican tequila is for you. Cause you're gonna need it, folks. You're in a huge pot of shit...

Good luck with that.


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