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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Feel my pain and shush

So the blisters I received while painting Sunday decided to break open and bleed all over the place today. Sweet. I looked pretty silly today with bandaids all over my hands today--yes, fellow co-workers, clearly I have some kind of plague. Please avoid me.

Especially in the bathroom. To elaborate on a recent Purl post (yes folks, this is going to be inappropriate bathroom talk, so if you are easily grossed out or offend easily stop reading this now), I'm sick of people not being familiar with simple corporate bathroom etiquette. Specifically, not only the buffer stall issue, but even more specifically the not punishing me for wearing funky shoes by seeing my shoes under the stall and beginning a conversation -- all while I'm trying to pee.

I have a shy bladder. I simply cannot pee if I think anyone else knows I'm in the bathroom. So, talking to me doesn't help! Please give me a little common courtesy and just pretend I'm not there. Please...


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