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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Remedial Cupcakes for Dummies

Is a class I should look into was my turn to make cupcakes for the now titled "cupcake Wednesdays" which have replaced the much favored Waffle Wednesdays (we were busted by facilities for operating a waffle iron on the premises).

I decided to make the strawberry cupcakes but in normal old cupcake paper sleeves. It all seemed pretty easy. I put the first batch in the oven and oops...I forgot to tap out the bubbles--clearly I should have followed my own advice and given my mom a ring before I put in the first batch. Sadly, afterward, I discovered that it really is a vital step. The first batch came out of the oven and were sadly flat.


The second and third batches were pretty good.
It was all starting to go swimmingly well. I mixed up the icing while the final batch was cooling when faux-husband came home from work and tasted the icing.

He promptly declared it too sweet for consumption.
Now, this is supposed to be sweet icing as it is merely butter and sugar with a little berries really for color.

He proceeded to mash up all of the remaining strawberries and stirred them into the icing, which instantly became more of a hideous pepto soup.
I spent another hour adding sugar and butter (and anything else I could think of) to try to thicken the icing and still have it taste okay. It seemed like I added another pound of confectioners sugar just to get it thick enough...

Of course, it ended up even sweeter than it was when he tasted it. It was even too sweet for me--it literally hurt my teeth to eat it.
Still, people at work ate 'em up, and I suffered little to no razzing.

Still, I need to see a dentist STAT.


At 10:29 PM, Blogger KB said...

FH needs to keep his paws out of the kitchen!


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