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Monday, August 22, 2005

A series of unfortunately frustrating events...

I need a vacation to recover from my weekend...and my Monday...I'm not sure if it's a combination of PMS and lack of sleep compounded with bizarre dreams, but I feel like getting in bed for the rest fo the week. I'm seriously considering it.

Saturday, SO wants to boke to Sausalito. Okay. The one problem? I don't really bike much. My peripheral vision isn't great, so I'm constantly turning my head all over the place to make sure I'm not going to get hit by cars, pedestrians, and the's stressful. Most of all, it hurts my butt.

Our first stop was at our local bike store, where we purchased a huge padded seat which I love. We then set out on our way. It wasn't soon as we got near Fisherman's Wharf we encountered gaggles of foreign tourists riding beach cruisers four abreast. As soon as you got close to them they would totally veer right into your way...ugh.

We got to Chrissy Field and then my bike started going wonky. Half of the tire/tube got sucked into the rim. Yeah, you've never heard of such a thing. Me either. Nor had the good folks at Sports Basement who spent 2+ hours poking around trying to fix it...It felt like riding on a flat tire, only much more bumpy. Thank goodness for the padded seat.

Anyway, they couldn't fix it, but they made it a little better. We ended up riding to the Golden Gate and then heading home. It took all day. Hence no knitting time on Saturday.

Then, on Sunday I was planning to meet a friend who's opening a yarn store to check out the competition. I got the bright idea to have him pick me up at the El Cerrito Tar-zhay so that I could squeeze in a much-needed Target run. Good planning, right?


I ended up hopping off of the train (pretty darn early in the morning I might add) at the wrong El Cerrito stop. The trains only run every 20 minutes or so. So, I ended up walking several miles to the Albany Target. I was the only person out walking through the chilly fog...

That'll learn me. Clearly I need to stop trying to be so damn efficient. Lesson learned.

Of course everything was compounded by a super lame day at work today. Ugh. Time for hot cocoa and bed.


At 9:57 PM, Blogger KB said...

at least your butt doesn't hurt, right?


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