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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Waffle Wednesdays

Yes, folks, you heard it right. We officially kicked off hopefully the first of many Waffle Wednesdays at my place of employ.

What's waffle wednesday? Why, I'm so glad you asked. Basically we make waffles at an empty cube near our group...and eat 'em of course. All while trying to be stealthy.

Turns out it's pretty difficult to be stealthy as the delicious smells spread like wildfire...and it lingers in the air. Yum.

Some comments from passersby (who didn't see the waffles) were:

"Smells like oatmeal. Hey, do you smell that?" I'm sorry sir, but waffles smell nothing at all like oatmeal. Pancakes, yes. Crepes, sure. Oatmeal, no.

A trio of almost suits walked by talking to each other. "Hey, Bob, do you smell that?" "Why, yes Stan, I sure do. It smells like waffles." "Hey, you're right. But where would you get waffles?"

Of course, that one caused me to erupt in audible giggles...oh you silly, silly fellows. You too can make waffles in the office. You just need: Krusteaz mix, water, oil, vanilla, a waffle iron, and an assortment of condiments. An empty cube really helps.

Waffles definitely make meetings and mornings better. I highly recommend them to anyone.

They were oh-so-delicious. Mmmmm. Boysenberry syrup and fresh raspberries. I'm drooling right now just thinking about them...


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