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Monday, July 11, 2005

Welcome back, Kotter

So at my new job, when you go on vacation, you're subject to a prank of some sort. Now, I have only been working here two weeks and still I was punk'd by some humorous co-workers, as evidenced here:

Yes, I came back to find my entire desk sheathed in the print version of "The Onion".

Note, the phone was actually covered as was the computer and monitor, but alas those had to be unwrapped in order for me to actually work...

The most hilarious part was the unwarranted stop-and-chats...each and every person who walked by was compelled to strike up a conversation with me or make some sort of comment.

The American Apparel ad in this photo (which was actually repeated over and over again all over the most visible wall of my cube) was the focus of attention. In fact, one older gentleman let me know in no uncertain terms that he felt its display was "scandalous".

Ha! It's nice to be missed. Seriously.


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