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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Let's go for a ride

So Tuesday my dad and I went for a ride...ostensibly to take pictures...but the weather pretty much refused to cooperate for any length of time.

We used to take off on Sunday afternoons with our cameras and ride out to some small town I'd never heard of to take pictures...of buildings...people...history...

So, in that same spirit, Tuesday we drove to a small town, Edenton N.C., which had been heavily damaged by hurricane Isabel last year.

We checked out the visitor's center where they told us that we could just sneak in the back door of the historic courthouse to avoid the $4 fee for a tour. So we did. The pics didn't come out well because the light was all wrong. But it was interesting.

Of course, while we were driving around the tiny town (super super small...seriously) I, of course, spotted the local yarn store. I made my dad stop, jumped out of the car and made my way there. But alas, they had very limited hours (10 am - 12:30pm) so I missed out...and it looked pretty good.

Next time...

Some pics.

Taking a break on the porch of a historic home...the first i've ever been in where they let you touch whatever you want and walk around on the super old carpets and sit on the all felt so wrong...

In case you're interested commemorative bricks are still available.

We stopped at this town which literally consisted of a fork in the road...didn't see any frogs though.


At 10:43 AM, Blogger Janis said...

Maybe *I* should adopt those hours!


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