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Friday, July 01, 2005

My pink baby sweater

So, here's a pic of my mom's famous seamless neck down baby sweater...the one I made a few of last year as gifts.

My cousin, my sis and I all wore this sweater, and it looks like it could go another tot or two...

That old school acrylic wears like iron.

Yesterday I finally got to hit the beach. It was super hot, but the water was nice and cool (but not bay area cool).

Then, my sis and I went and painted some pottery...I made a pear mug and my sister made a decorative tile which says "I don't do Mondays". It's totally true, she doesn't. She doesn't do mornings either. You don't want to run into her before noon--seriously.

Lastly we had dinner with my dad's sister. It was a blast--she's hilarious. Her husband is retiring and she's preparing to be driven crazy...

Good times were had by all.


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