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Monday, October 03, 2005

World's Cutest Baby Shoes

Sadly, I have little to report. Almost no knitting, little else really going on. But, I do have a pic of the self-proclaimed world's cutest baby shoes (which I purchased at Whole Wallet on a whim because they perfectly match the baby sweater I made my little niece).

Sorry about the flash and all, but now that it's getting dark before I get home from work the flash will be a sad but necessary evil.

The Weekend Recap

Saturday, BF and I were invited to his co-worker's wedding. I decided to skip the wedding (long, hour + catholic ceremony) and meet up with everyone at the reception. Hey, I had freelance design work to do...

Anyway, as I was getting all dressed up to meet everyone at the reception I was informed via cellphone, but a slightly perplexed and perturbed BF, that we were not invited to the reception. In fact, none of the co-workers were.


Of course, we couldn't let the getting dressed up go to waste so clearly we had have drinks, go out to dinner, and go out all night to a karaoke bar. Yes, really we HAD to.

It was a good time. You'd think I was in my 20s or something...

I even have semi-blurry drunken photos to prove it :-)


At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Deine Schwester said...

Um.... It's October 22nd.


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