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Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas, now please pass the Tater Tits

Well, Christmas has come and gone again. Santa and the fam were good to me -- I received lots of wonderful gifts. Thanks fam. You guys rock.

We also had a delicious linner (lunch + dinner at 3pm) which included my mom's homemade rolls, cranberry sauce, turkey, country ham (cause if you're having a holiday meal in VA then by god you need to have the world's saltiest ham on your plate--preferably inside a biscuit).

We also had mashed potatoes, which were delicious as usual. Of course, mashing them thar taters proved to be a task that my poor mom just wasn't up for. My folks recently remodeled their kitchen, and they are still putting things into cabinets, etc. When my mom went to mash the potatoes, I think she was just too tired to find a bowl deep enough to use the electric mixer.

Which meant that while mashing the potatoes she ended up wearing about 25% of them on her the chest area...hence the "tater tits."

Of course, she was able to swiftly recover after a giggle fit, and put on a shiny new xmas sweater and resume Christmas dinner.

Oh, and the pie was delicious too.


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