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Monday, July 24, 2006

Farewell, Big Blue Blob

Thank you, fellow co-workers of the Big Blob, for my lovely drinks/apps outing. Good times, and delicious cocktails were most certainly had by all, as evidenced by the following photos:

This is a true Blue Blob insider jamba juice anyone? It takes the edge off...

A mighty tasty sidecar (or so rumor has it). I was drinking Dorothy Parkers (which are pink with a sugar frosted rims). Delicious, but I was sucking them down so fast they managed to evade the camera.

J smiles unconvincingly while C ponders the point of mini-bread as an appetizer.

"Oh, silly me. I should just use these to scoop the dip right into my mouth. Like a large, flat spoon." --C

J tries to keep up his cheery exterior, whilst the devastating reality of my impending departure hits C like a ton of cat poop.

Seriously, guys, I had yet another great time with a great group of kids. Thanks for everything! Especially my gift bag full of crafty goodness. Can't wait to use that Etch-a-sketch!


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