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Thursday, June 22, 2006

I've got nuttin'

Nothing to say. Work stinks. Morale is at an all-time low. Nobody is doing a thing about it. This pointlessly dull job is just leaching the creativity right out of my soul. Possibly through my nose. Note to self: You know that insurance is a completely dull industry. Stop deluding yourself into thinking that maybe YOU can make it interesting. You can't make people care about something that's potentially expensive and not always necessary. Sigh.

On the allergy front, I had a mini-allergic reaction last night. Possibly to the tiniest taste of salad dressing. The restaurant from which said salad was obtained was rigorously questioned about the dressing (which I ordered on the side). I asked for lemon dressing. They stuck a container of orange dressing in there. I double-checked and asked to make sure that it was the lemon dressing. They assured me that it was, although they tried to screw me out of cranberries on the salad so it's hard to trust 'em.

Basically, now that I'm insanely allergic to mango I have to double and triple check everything I might imbibe. I guess I may just have to avoid orange foods (especially sauces) all together. Anyway, I stuck my pinkie into the dressing and had the world's tiniest taste. Sorry to say that I didn't taste even a smidge of lemon. I promptly tossed the dressing and ate my salad bare. Blech. It really does taste like you're snacking on your lawn when you eat salad without something to wash it down.

Anyway, long story even longer, last night I started getting hives again and downed some Benadryl. Had some more today while at the daily grind. It stopped the hives for a while. Of course, who knows what will happen tomorrow when I have to stop taking the Benadryl...gee I can hardly wait for those allergy tests...


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