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Monday, May 29, 2006

The highlight of my weekend

I spent most of Friday and all of Saturday completely incapacitated--quite sick with a high fever, cough and sore throat. It wasn't fun.

When I woke up on Sunday, I thought I was over the hump and feeling better. That is, until I managed to actually sit up. Then the headache, sore throat and fever came rushing back.

Finally today I felt about 90%. I have spent the day working (to make up for stuff I couldn't get done on Friday) and relaxing a bit--catching up on some boob tube.

And the highlight of my weekend? Was this:

LOVE pineapple. Really, I just can't get enough. In fact, we were reading the tag on this feller which provided extensive detail about the pineapple farm/resort in Maui where this 'lil guy was grown. I can just imagine staying there and eating my weight in pineapple each and every day...dare to dream...

Well, it's time to mentally prep to go straight into the steaming, putrid bowels of hell. Or work. Whatever the kids are calling it these days.

Hoping to take some time this week to finish up that pink cabled baby sweater...wish me luck!


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