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Monday, January 22, 2007

Man scarf--phase 1 complete

Well, I kinda sorta completed the man scarf just in time for Griff to head off to the big apple. However, I bound off a bit prematurely just so he would have a lovely bundle of handknit love (I just threw up in my mouth a little at that one) to wear in the freezing cold.

Now that he's back, I need to remove the provisional cast off and get this thing back on the needles to finish out the length.

He would also like it to be a bit wider, but the LYS is now officially out of this yarn. I bought a contrasting color, and was thinking about picking up and knitting a big of contrast color down the length of the scarf. Any ideas/recommendations on that one?

That darn swallowtail is kicking my butt. I have ripped back to my lifeline (thanks, Tabby) so many times! It could be because I have poor lighting, but it's probably because I need a new eyeglass prescription. Sigh.


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