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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I [heart] comic sans.....not

Stopped by MacWorld for an hour today as evidenced by these photos.

However, immediately upon entering the floor I was immediately overcome with both nausea and horror when I realized that the superhuge banners hanging over EVERY area of the conference used Comic Sans.

This font has caused me more pain as a designer than any other font in existence. I was secretly hoping that I'd snap a pic and go home to match the type and discover that they had used Chalkboard or another "kids" type font.

But, alas, some designer out there used Comic Sans. Even worse? Some art director probably signed off on it. Or maybe a new executive...

"Welcome to the company, Bob. We need your approval on these banners ASAP."

An open rant to whomever is the boss of the person who approved the use of Comic Sans for MacWorld -- fire them! They do not have an eye for design, and have no ability to understand the audience.

I would expect this kind of schlockery at almost any other lame computer conference, but not MacWorld.

Apple, this affects your brand. Last I heard, you weren't Comic Sans--it's just so PC.

Seriously, I couldn't stay more than an hour--everywhere I looked this font was mocking me. I was telling a friend about via phone, and when we met up a bit later she handed me this gem:

I think I need some temporary tattoo paper for an inkjet printer! Anybody know where to score some.

Side note: the iPhone was gorgeous! Some day I might get one despite the Comic Sans...or maybe not...


At 11:31 PM, Blogger nootsmaak said...

lol - "schlockery" - love it.

Wonderful to see you and G tonight - even better was eating & drinking for free! "Thank you, goodnight!" No no, thank YOU!

At 1:52 AM, Blogger Brian said...

Well, its rounded, but clearly misses the mark. They need to get on with some the latest 2.0 goodness:


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