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Sunday, November 18, 2007


I'm back from the UK and am busy downloading, uploading, and sorting through almost 1,000 photos from my trip.

Since it gets dark rather early these days in London, I was able to have plenty of time to balance sightseeing and knitting.

I was able to start and complete Fetching.


Love it! However, the gloves seemed really lonely without a matching hat. So, on the plane ride home I improvised and came up with this:


(For more info on yarn, needles, etc please details on ravelry.)

If I were starting over, I'd probably cast on 95 sts versus 90 (I have a big head, what can I say) so that the hat wouldn't have to stretch quite so much. But, I love it, too. I think I'll be making more fetching sets in the near future.

Upcoming posts will have details about the fabulous London Stitch and Bitch including some nummy yarns acquired across the pond!


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