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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Karaoke, you're OK!

No pictures of this, but last night I went to a housewarming party which was supposed to last from 2-7pm in the east bay (or beast in pig latin).

The highlights:

  • lots of Phillipino food (love it!)
  • professional karaoke machine with 30,000 songs
  • lots and lots of sangria

    When I first arrived, fashionably late of course, I couldn't be convinced to take the mike to belt out a tune. Of course, while the other partygoers were all busy singing I was busy stuffing my face with some dee-licious lumpia, pancit, etc. Yum. I CAN SO fit 7 lumpia in my mouth at the same time, you just watch me.

    Quickly followed by lots and lots of Sangria.

    See, while everyone else was wearing out their voices, I was busy getting super drunk and getting ready for a Karaoke coup.

    Which happened around 6pm. Just as the party was about to wind down (I couldn't let that happen...I had such a nice buzz), I snuck in there and programmed in some party favorites and really won back the crowd.

    Basically, my SO & myself ended up belting out tunes until midnight...we could have gone on and on, but everyone else was leaving...

    It's official, we had fun and we sang Karaoke in public. Go us!

    Of course, today I college-style hangover (you know, the kind that is only cured by having the world's greasiest breakfast) and I'm horse...even with a mike, I imagine I must have been screaming the lyrics to such songs as "Cotton-Eye Joe" and "Son of a Preacher Man".

    Good times.


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