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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's On

Here's 'lil Sven

We're busy busy busy packing up our backpacks and making sure we've got everything we could possibly need in the wilderness. Including our Sven Saw (the steel blade is Swedish and the rest 'o the saw is made in Minnesota). Could Sven be any cuter? We could have gotten a much more utilitarian solution (like bringing the christmas tree hacksaw we already own) but 'lil Sven just won me over. That and the design of the saw protects the inside of your pack from the sharp blade.

I wonder if we'll even need to use this saw...

I'll be taking loads of pics (secretly bringing two digital cameras - what if the battery runs out on one) and will be posting a smattering upon my return next week!

And I am bringing some knitting. Perhaps whilst the boys are fishing I can work on my socks.

In cat news, Mabel is doing very well, and we have an amazing cat sitter coming by every day to pill her and play with the both of them.

Okay, back to packing. See you next week!


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