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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cat News

Monkey has gotten quite a bit larger and wider, and though he has calmed down a lot, he can still be one crazy monster. His claws also get ridiculously sharp. Because he won't let us (and by us I mean Griffin) clip them. If you even try to cut a single claw he makes this horrible howling noise (even though you haven't done anything yet and there is no way he feels any pain) and starts to struggle. And even if I help hold him he loves to swivel his neck around exorcist style and chomp down on any flesh or garments. Oh, and he has no qualms about biting right through the skin. Sigh.

Look at those claws!

Monkey must sniff each and every thing we eat or drink. He never really wants to taste, but can be relentless until you just let him sniff it already!

Herr Crazy Eyes

Mabel has been doing really well. She has a good appetite, and has even managed to play with Monkey's ribbon on occasion. Last night she apparently had a big adventure. When I woke up this morning and came upstairs, the back door was open and it had rained into the porch. There were also wet paw prints both coming and going. But Mabel was sitting there waiting for her breakfast. When I mentioned it to G (who had fallen asleep on the couch) he was all "so that was why she was wet. I just thought she was in the bathtub." In all fairness I must disclose that she does indeed love to hang out in the bathtub and the faucet does have a drip so it isn't that farfetched...

Mabel making the lap rounds.

Playing with Monkey's ribbon. I have tried to get them to play with it at the same time (each with their own end) but neither will play with it unless I'm holding it. Silly cats.

Mabel helps felt her heart toy.

In Mabel & Monkey news, they have started to sleep closer together. This usually involves Monkey sneaking in after she is already asleep.


But on January 17 they made history by touching whilst sleeping.


Their butts and paws are touching! YES! It's still a long way from cuddling together, but I'll take it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm So Embarrassed

I haven't been much of a procrastinator of late. (High school was a different story. Yes, it was easier for me to get up at 5:30 am to crank out papers and homework. My brain was just more fresh, I swear.)

I can't believe it has been so long since I have updated the blog. I mean, so much has happened that I wanted to blog about. But I just kept putting it off and putting it off...

Not to mention that the FaceBook has been a HUGE TIME SUCK. Suddenly I'm in almost constant contact with folks from grade school, high school, college and everything after...

Anyway, here are the highlights (sans knitting):


I flew to Virginia to visit my family for a week. Good times were had despite the fact that my sister and father had both had surgery on their walking appendages which meant mobility for each was an issue. But my dad and I still had time to get out and take some pictures.


First, the tree in front of our house decided it was fall. Bee-yoo-ti-ful.

Geared up and ready to roll
Later in the month, we visited some friends up in Vancouver and had an excellent time seeing the sights, feasting on halibut fish and chips and of course heading up to Whistler for some snow sport fun including cross-country skiing, showshoeing, and downhill skiing. Good times!

February so far
Our cherry tree is confused...
First, our cheery tree was confused when it decided that it was ready for spring and bloomed. Now most of the blossoms have been blown/knocked off of the branches by heavy rain, hail and high winds.

We've been taking some great afternoon hikes through Glen Park which looks like a brown grassland for most of the year. But right now it's really pretty and full of wildflowers.

But the cake wasn't great
For VDay I made a square chocolate cake (couldn't find both cake rounds) that was a HUGE disappointment. It was so dry that after just a bite your mouth was sucked dry of any morsel of moisture. Blurg! I'm trying to rectify it right now by turning it into a chocolate bread pudding (made with cake Marie Antoinette style). Fingers crossed it works!

So that's the haps. Lest you worry about the cats they are both doing just fine. I'll plan to post a craft/knitting update and a cat update with pics in the near future.

Missed everyone! Happy knitting! Let's do this again real soon!