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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rain, rain go away!

Seriously. Torrential rains again...I think I'm never going to get to the beach :-(

Today my mom, sis, and I toured a local bakery, Rowena's, famous (in the South anyway) for their pound cake. It it the best I've ever had. KB, I've got a tiny one in my suitcase just for you. Really, I do!

The tour didn't consist of much, since they have a pretty tiny operation, but they had free samples.

They also had a tea room, so my mom, sis and I had a tea house lunch (which means we ate cucumber sandwiches and lots of cake and scones). It was fabulous. We were the only ones there...I could totally picture southern red hat ladies clubs having their high tea lunches there.

Then, we went and got was quite the relaxing day...if you haven't had a hot stone massage I don't know what you're waiting was fabulous

KB, this one's for you...can you tell just how big Hoss is?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Let's go for a ride

So Tuesday my dad and I went for a ride...ostensibly to take pictures...but the weather pretty much refused to cooperate for any length of time.

We used to take off on Sunday afternoons with our cameras and ride out to some small town I'd never heard of to take pictures...of buildings...people...history...

So, in that same spirit, Tuesday we drove to a small town, Edenton N.C., which had been heavily damaged by hurricane Isabel last year.

We checked out the visitor's center where they told us that we could just sneak in the back door of the historic courthouse to avoid the $4 fee for a tour. So we did. The pics didn't come out well because the light was all wrong. But it was interesting.

Of course, while we were driving around the tiny town (super super small...seriously) I, of course, spotted the local yarn store. I made my dad stop, jumped out of the car and made my way there. But alas, they had very limited hours (10 am - 12:30pm) so I missed out...and it looked pretty good.

Next time...

Some pics.

Taking a break on the porch of a historic home...the first i've ever been in where they let you touch whatever you want and walk around on the super old carpets and sit on the all felt so wrong...

In case you're interested commemorative bricks are still available.

We stopped at this town which literally consisted of a fork in the road...didn't see any frogs though.

Monday, June 27, 2005


So today's topic is bar-b-q, aka bbq. The real stuff. The real North Carolina style pit-cooked thing. It is so freakin' delicious I can't stand it.

The closest thing in san fran is Memphis Minnie's. If you haven't tried it you should. The sauces are delicious and on the table so you've got some options. The meat is lean and delicious...the sides are phenomenal. And, this stuff is way more healthy than the good 'ol southern thang.

Back to the real's amazing.

Check out this sandwich. Yum.

I couldn't wait to take a bite before taking the picture...

And does anyone know what these are? Obviously, I do, and I love 'em. You can't get these in san fran...

KB, this next pic is for's a quick pic of Hoss...he's too heavy to pick up, so if I can catch him lying down I can try to get a pic of someone with him so you can see how completely HUGE he is.

Fyi, today was more marathon shopping, outlet style...I'm completely exhausted...


Sunday, June 26, 2005

It's all about the boobs...

So it rained all day today...which is bad for vacationers, but good for folks here since they desperately needed rain. Of course, as far as I'm concerned it could have waited another week...

So, what do you do when it's raining? Why, shop. And who better to shop with than my mom and sister--the biggest power shoppers I know. Seriously. After the second store when I'm getting completely exhausted and cranky, they are just getting warmed up. You can't just go to one store. Oh no. You've got to hit at least seven. And if you get them in a mall, look out! You might just have to hit every other store.

So, we shopped. Hit some craft stores, bought some stuff to sew (since it's supposed to rain tomorrow too--beach dreams shattered)...then came the hilarious comment from my mom.

Somehow, we got on the topic of breast cancer while she was driving. She's driving along we're chatting, then there's a long pause. Suddenly, she yells out "OMG, do I need to turn here?" Now keep in mind she's lived here for almost her whole 57 years...

I say, "Um, no mom. Even I know that." I know, it's like I'm sixteen again with angst, and I couldn't resist a little sarcastic jab. Shame on me.

"Sorry, I was thinking about boobs." says my mother.

Anyway, I thought it was hilarious. If you knew my mom, completely clean-cut suburban woman, you would too.

After we were done laughing, we hit a few more stores and grabbed a late lunch at the local mexican place (which is such a rarity here versus CA).

Then, my sister and I dropped my mom off and the real shopping began. We decided to hit H&M.


It was FANTASTIC! In the words of Ted Danson, "It was heaven." Cause, you know if you watch CYE, everything is heaven. Love it! Got approximately one million new cute items. Strangely, they were all made of linen. Not sure why I went linen crazy...must have been the heat here...maybe I can wear it in san fran...or maybe we'll have to up the number of warm weather vacations we take in a year.

Anyway, I promised KB some random fam pics. So KB, these two are for you.

My lil' sis and her dog Sadie

Sadie chillin' on my old couch

More fam pics to come assuming we ever get some decent weather.

And, I promise KB, I'll round up some photos of my mom with her 30 pound cat, Hoss. :-)

Back in VA Beach

Man, you forget just how oppressive humidity can be. My first minutes out of the airport were difficult. I was immediately soaked with sweat and felt sticky-gross. But...there is something nice about warm weather...wearing shorts and sleeveless's refreshing.

My first day was a jet-lag disaster. I ended up trying to stay up all day. Then, around 2pm i went to my sisters house to walk the dog and just sat down on the couch for a minute...of course, her dog, Sadie (I'll have to post a pic later) immedidately hopped up on the couch and cuddled up.

We slept for 4 hours.

Anyway, first day gone, and now i'm not at all adjusted to the time. Oh well.

Gotta go shop...cause that's what you do here in the summer when it's either eat or shop or both...

H&M baby!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Later tater...

I am so outta here on vacation. Two glorious weeks. The longest vacation I've had in 4+ years...yay!

One week visiting my fam in VA Beach (where you can actually swim in the ocean cause it gets warm), and one week on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Fyi, I left work early to pack. Turns out that the longer you actually have to pack, the longer it takes. So I literally took approximately 5.5 hours to do so...oh well. I'm sure I'll still have forgotten stuff.

Anyway, everyone take care whilst I'm gone. KB, I'll try to blog just for you! Good luck on Tuesday.

I'm almost done with the Teva Durham t-neck shrug...but now it'll have to wait until I get back...I'm onto the Debblie Bliss bolero from Interweave least if I finish it I can wear it in VA Beach :-)

Take care. Pics of the fam are coming! I can't wait to see my mom!!! I think we're hitting a yarn store on the way home from the airport. We're two peas in a pod.


Thursday, June 23, 2005


Here's a pic of the 4+ year old peeps...they could be 6 years old...maybe older...

Janis, this one's for you!

Ah, the joy of co-workers

So I have this co-worker...I mentioned her a while back as a potential work stalker. Anyway, somehow my first week on the job, she thought it perfectly acceptable to go out to lunch with me and talk about her boobs.

Yeah, that's right her boobs. Now I don't know about you, but my really good girlfriends and I don't really talk about our boobs...and we're friends. So, she tells me over lunch (while I am completely losing my appetite of course) that she is down to a size A cup, and by the way what kind of brassiere should she get to wear under her wedding dress.

I'm not quite sure when I become the mammory support expert that apparently I am today, but really how can she be oblivious to the fact that that is not ok!

Lesson learned. I will always avoid her for lunch.

And yet, because this gem is part of my group, I have to interact with her.

Another fact: she fancies herself the boss of me. She isn't, of course. Another point-of-fact: she fancies herself the boss of our group. She is always making these org charts and asking me to illustrate them. In the charts she is second in command. It's pretty befuddling...

Then today, she sees that I am packing up to go home so she waits for myself and another co-worker. We all take the elevator together.

Just as we get into the lobby she asks "Are these fuck me pants?"

I mean, how do you respond to that? She kept yammering on that "all of these guys were staring at my ass this morning...blah blah blah"

I say "What does that mean?"

She says "Are these slut pants?"

I say "you mean red pants?" Because they are perfectly normal red capri pants. Seriously, nothing special. Probably from Old Navy.

She says "Yes. Red is a slut color."

Sigh. She is clearly crazy.

My vacation can't come soon enough...

Aargh matey. I am the infamous pirate statue of Alameda. Be ye warned that I have nary a whit to do with this posting. Aargh.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Apparently I'm a knitting guru

Today, I was literally drooling at my desk I was so damn bored. I mean, the work I am doing right now is perfect for simpletons, but I swear to you that I am getting dumber and dumberer (see what I mean) by the day working this lame job...

Seriously, I'm having way too much trouble putting words together to form sentences. It's a struggle just to speak...that's how much I'm in a coma from the big day of boredom.

Today I actually had to explain to someone the difference between a graphic and html text. Literally. In the year 2005. And I had to do it with a straight face sans condescension. That's alot to ask of one person...

But, a small bit of thought exercise was employed by yours truly, when at lunch, I took a What kind of knitter are you? quiz at Quizzilla.

Apparently, I'm a knitting guru...and I didn't even know it.

Clearly I should quit my job and teach knitting. Of course, I've got to get a little better at it first...

A girl can dream...

Cable Car rides really are fun...

So, I was feeling super lazy last night and couldn't manage to turn on my computer once I got home from work. Sorry about that.

But, yesterday I actually managed to have some goofy, touron fun during my lunch hour. I rode a cable car. Yes, I realize that those are what the tourists ride in droves. When I was a child on vacation with my family, we rode the cable cars. But, in the five plus years that I have lived here, I hadn't managed to ride a cable car even once.

Perhaps it's the hefty costs -- $3 each ride (no transfers or return trips).

But yesterday when it was beautiful and sunny it was the perfect little outing.

And, of course, it's the best way to get to the Cable Car Museum. (I had to go pick up some gifty things for my dad who LOVES cable cars. Literally. Last time my parents visited I swear he woke up at 5am to be the first one on the cable cars each and every day...)

I felt like I was on a mini-vacation...of course, the real one starts Friday night! Yeah!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Take me out to the ballgame...

Just got back from SO's softball playoff game. In a normal town with normal weather, watching a softball game on a summer evening is a highly enjoyable passtime.

Sadly, here in san fran, it's nothing but torture. First of all, it's super windy. SUPER WINDY. The ballpark was like a wind tunnel. Plus, the second the sun starts to go down you get mighty cold. You'd think I would learn these lessons, but much like most residents of SF, I am in complete weather denial.

Summers are nice, dammit. I don't need a parka and scarf and earmuffs on the fourth of july to watch the fireworks at Ft. Mason (oh wait, I do--assuming it isn't so foggy that you can't even see the fireworks).

Oh well. Anyway, we biked there and back. I know, I'm always saying that I refuse to bike here. And, I haven't in two years. Ever since the homeless crazy (literally crazy) tried to push me off of my bike in traffic. I was done...but what are you going to was either unload the car (all of my various stuff from my last job is still taking up all of the back seat and the passenger seat, too) or give in and ride a bike.

So I did. And it wasn't that awful.

Anyway, SO & team won their game, and thus won their division. For the first time ever! Yay clammies! This one's for you.

P.S. If you think i'm biking to your playoff game tomorrow you really are as crazy as I think you are...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Changing the world, one bottom at a time...

The slogan for my new favorite and hilarious product...a little bottom sprayer that you snap on to your toilet to make it like a bidet, only far less sanitary.

Love that little drop of water!

Since it is impossible to read the key marketing highligts of this product via my tiny, tiny web photos, I'd like to elaborate them for you here:

  • sprays your bottom clean in seconds (mere seconds, surely you jest)
  • easily connects to your existing toilet (whew, no need for an additional porcelain throne)
  • you control the water position & pressure (sweet, i love to be in control)
  • everything you need to install in minutes (and yours for the low, low price of $19.95 if you call in the next five minutes)

    Why, where did I hear of such a miracle product?

    Why at the 2005 Phillipino Festival in downtown san fran. (I swear I wasn't sitting around the house on a gorgeous day watching infomercials...seriously.)

    Check out more hilarious features like a "How the Biffy Works" video and the lovely illustrated "Biffy Booklet" at

  • Karaoke, you're OK!

    No pictures of this, but last night I went to a housewarming party which was supposed to last from 2-7pm in the east bay (or beast in pig latin).

    The highlights:

  • lots of Phillipino food (love it!)
  • professional karaoke machine with 30,000 songs
  • lots and lots of sangria

    When I first arrived, fashionably late of course, I couldn't be convinced to take the mike to belt out a tune. Of course, while the other partygoers were all busy singing I was busy stuffing my face with some dee-licious lumpia, pancit, etc. Yum. I CAN SO fit 7 lumpia in my mouth at the same time, you just watch me.

    Quickly followed by lots and lots of Sangria.

    See, while everyone else was wearing out their voices, I was busy getting super drunk and getting ready for a Karaoke coup.

    Which happened around 6pm. Just as the party was about to wind down (I couldn't let that happen...I had such a nice buzz), I snuck in there and programmed in some party favorites and really won back the crowd.

    Basically, my SO & myself ended up belting out tunes until midnight...we could have gone on and on, but everyone else was leaving...

    It's official, we had fun and we sang Karaoke in public. Go us!

    Of course, today I college-style hangover (you know, the kind that is only cured by having the world's greasiest breakfast) and I'm horse...even with a mike, I imagine I must have been screaming the lyrics to such songs as "Cotton-Eye Joe" and "Son of a Preacher Man".

    Good times.

  • The Unbirthday Cake

    So my good friend J and I hadn't been to our favorite yarn store in a while, but had been blog stalking our favorite yarn store owner...and even before she admitted it in a post, we were CONVINED that she had the blues.

    And we had to do something about that. So we decided to go visit and bring chocolate (which cures any blues if taken in large quantities).

    We stopped at an adorable marketplace and purchased the world's cutest green (i.e. chocolate-filled...they come in blue, pink, and green) "unbirthday cake."

    I have to report that besides being the cutest cake in the world, it was also completely delicious. I can still taste it....mmmmm.....

    And, more importantly I think we might have brought a little least we hope so...

    Friday, June 17, 2005

    So tired of sleeves...

    Ok, I admit it, I'm so tired of sleeves that I could just collapse...really...I'm feeling feint right now...or is that hunger?

    Here's where I am...

    About 1/3 of the way through the second sleeve.

    Here's the thing...the darn things are quite obviously different...

    Note just how lumpy the finished sleeve looks. Those stitches are so freakin' uneven. I mean, I realize it was pretty naieve to think that I could just knit the second one on 4 size 8 dpns and not on 3 size 8s and one size 7 like the first sleeve...duh!

    I can totally tell the difference...I might have to rip the entire first sleeve out and redo it...

    Seriously, I can tell...

    Can you?

    Thursday, June 16, 2005

    Marketing 101

    You know, you'd think it would occur to me (what with zero comments on any blog entries in the rather short history of my blog) that you probably have to market your blog in some fashion in order to solicit the opinions of otheres...

    But no, still I slog on as if I think that magically some day, folks are going to stumble across my completely self-indulgent blog and actually, gasp, read and or comment.

    Alas, I simply cannot bring myself to market myself. I mean, I did enough of that getting a new job...I'm marketinged out.

    Anyway, since I'm nice and sober this evening, I plan to get alot of knitting my short blog entry today is just about my cat, Mabel.

    Mabel's story?

    Well, she is a rescue cat. Mabel came to me in 1998 at a time when I was feeling pretty low about the recent death of my college kitty, Wolfie (best cat EVER--I still tear up if I think about him too long). Anyway, she had been left alone in an apartment when a couple divorced. My grandfather found her in the apartment...just her and her enormous cat tree.

    She had alot of anxiety issues at first, and would get nervous if you left her alone. But over the years she has mellowed out alot. She finally gets it. That you're not abandoning her every morning, and that you will be back.

    But, she's still kind of a jumpy kitty.

    But lately, she's become a lap kitty...dare I even jinx it by saying it out loud...and I LOVE IT!

    The best part is that I get to spend quality time with her, and she doesn't mind if I knit...yay!

    The only thing she cares about now is making sure I stay sitting as long as she'd like...she does this adorably painful (literally painful) thing where if she starts to detect any shift, she digs her little needle-sharp claws in ever so slightly to alert me to the fact that she is NOT ready to get up.

    Still I just can't get enough. I never thought I would see this day.

    Love you, Mabel. (Don't get jealous, Chirper. Love you, too.)

    Wednesday, June 15, 2005

    The 4 o'clock meeting...

    So you've gotta love working somewhere that schedules a 4pm offsite (can't type, a little inebriated) at the bar which is just across the street. I know I do. Considering that I had a mandatory lunch meeting today (on my third day)...

    Good times.

    Of course, it causes me to think about things like:

    "Wow, these folks are sure bitter." and "Man, could they be less happy" and "Gee, there's sure alot of red tape...guess I'll get used to it."

    Considering that some of them have been at the company as little as 2 weeks and as long as 5 years, I'd expect a range of dissatisfaction. But not so much. Pretty much everyone is miserable.

    Oh least I'm three sheets to the wind. To hell with you, diet. Hello beer and onion rings...mmmm....onion rings...

    Tuesday, June 14, 2005

    When bad knits happen to good people...

    I was super excited yesterday to be finishing the first sleeve of the T-neck shrug in Scarf Style. As I got to the point where the sleeve ends and the shoulder begins...

    "I'm doing it y'all"

    I start casting off 15 stitches...I happen to pause and stare at the two dpns in my hand...

    "Weird." I thought. "One looks ever so slightly smaller than the other."

    Upon further investigation, my suspicions were confirmed...I had used three size 8 dpns, and one size 7.


    I went ahead and finished the sleeve anyway. It still needs to be blocked, as evidenced by the following photos:

    This one is for perspective...see just how long I knit in the round with different sized double-pointed needles? Just about 30 inches, I reckon. D'oh.

    Hopefully once I block it, it will even out a smidge...but it fits...

    Detail view. Note the slightly different sized stitches/rows.

    It was all I could do to keep from crying I was so incredibly pissed off. Of all of the stupid mistakes...

    Now the big question is, should I give up and knit the second sleeve the same way? Janky? At least then the two sleeves would be equally janky.

    Or, do I knit the second sleeve exclusively on size 8 needles...

    Please help...

    Monday, June 13, 2005

    The Red Badge of Courage...

    I've now officially got one. What is it? Why it is, of course, the badge color of a contractor at a health care company. I used to have a badge like this when I was a contractor for the Postal Service (many eons ago).

    Back in those days, contractors were like second class couldn't use the employee gym, didn't get many perks, and sometimes were hassled by the guards (yes they had guarded entrances at their HQ and probably still do).

    At the good 'ol usps, folks would talk to you in the elevator and then look down and see your "Red Badge of Courage" and recoil in horror, as if it was "The Scarlet Letter"...let's just say the chit-chat would dwindle...

    I'm really not too sure what it was all about...somehow I managed to find it all infuriating, yet hilarious at the same time.

    I never thought I'd be revisiting that system, yet here I am...with an all-new shiny red badge of courage...and it's going to take some courage and alot of moxie to transition into this job.

    My last job was super stressful with short project turnarounds and zero time for good time the breathe let alone try to create an innovative, smart design.

    At the new place, things move on a much slower pace. I've got oodles of time to just noodle around with stuff. They don't care when I get in, they don't care when I leave, and none of the projects I was assigned today even have due dates.

    For some folks, that's a blessing. I'm thinking in the end it might drive me crazy...I feel like I work better when I've got deadlines...yes, I know I can create my own deadlines. But those are my own deadlines...I know that they can be blown off forever...

    Anyway, let's hope change is good.

    Plus, I've got a handy retractable badge thingy...which was completely and totally free--even to contractors...

    Also, I might have already picked up a stalker on day one...we shall see...

    And, in case you are wondering, these are my post-work apartment pants. I mean, I have to dress business casual and all (no denim fabric) so I can't wait to get home and put on some comfy loungewear. Of course, if you know me, you know even when I could wear jeans to work I couldn't wait to get home and put on loungewear...

    What can I say...I just love the loungewear!

    Sunday, June 12, 2005

    Diet Schmiet

    So I'm supposed to be on a diet. Why? To fit into that bridesmaid dress without having to purchase a girdle.

    However, my diet was shot to hell when a friend and I decided to take a picnic lunch of fun snacky things to the owner and proprietor of our LYS.

    Of course, had we planned in advance (we're so good at execution, so poor at actual planning), we would have known that our favorite store owner had taken Sunday off. Good for her. Awkward for us.

    Basically we had to go back to said friends house and eat the food ourselves...

    Normally I would have no objections to such gluttony. But now I've got that pesky dress/albatross around my neck...

    Still, I managed to enjoy every bite...especially the TJs Reduced Fat Cheese puffs which are really worth it! Seriously, if you haven't had them and you love cheese puffs (I dare you to name one person who doesn't), you owe it to yourself to try these little dandies.

    Mmmmmmm.....I can't believe we ate the whole bag...

    Warning: gratuitious cat cuteness below:

    Friday, June 10, 2005

    Take this job and fill it!

    Today was my last official day at my current job. Hooray for me! Seriously, it was difficult to quit. I had all kinds of personal guilt issues...yet somehow I was able to overcome them for a precious few moments, long enough to quit and think things like:

    "See ya, wouldn't want to be ya"

    "Hasta la vista, baby"

    Well, actually I was quite cordial on my last official day at the company from hell. Of course, I didn't do anything at all. I got in to the office, grabbed myself a soda and caught up on some long overdue blog-stalking.

    Then I packed up my few remaining personal effects, cause you know once you give notice you just want to take everything home right away and be done with this crapola, gave my desk a windexing (cause I'm nice like that) and sat there. Bored out of my mind....waiting for lunch to roll around.

    Also, I took the rare opportunity to flame a co-worker who has been a condescending dickhead for years, and had happened to send a rather snotty email to god and the world and, of course, directed at me this very morning. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. And, I kept it clean, honest, and good luck shithead!

    I'm hoping that now god and the world will see this guy for the asshole dipshit that he truly is...and can I just say that IT FELT GOOD! I had been holding on to such hostility for this guy ever since our paths had crossed. Take that, asshole! See ya, wouldn't want to be ya, sucker!

    Then, I had lunch with an excellent friend and fellow yarn ho, and bought myself some cashmere blend yarn (I'm not sure how that happened, exactly. I was whistling and skipping all over the place today...on such a fuck it high that I was a little extravagant).

    Being a fellow ex-company person, she and I went back to the office (nice and late of can't have a short lunch on your last day) grabbed my stuff and hit the road.

    It was totally just like the last day of high school. You say alot of stuff you just don't mean, like:

    K.I.T. (Keep in touch) - translation "You'll be lucky if I deem you worthy of communication you silly fuck"

    Have a great summer. - translation "I hope all of your hair falls out and you get lots and lots of wrinkles."

    It's been great. - translation "Yeah, it's been great taking your shit for all of these years. Good luck finding someone else to take it up the bum."

    Take care. - translation "You suck."

    Ah well, there are precious few I will actually miss. This shot of Mexican tequila is for you. Cause you're gonna need it, folks. You're in a huge pot of shit...

    Good luck with that.

    Thursday, June 09, 2005

    The long week of good-byes...

    It's so hard to leave my job...I know I said that yesterday, but I'll say it again. I won't miss the work. In fact, just today as I sat on my ass doing absolutely nothing helpful or work-related, I smugly thought "I won't miss this shit at all."

    Then, a super-nice and funny co-worker stopped by with warm wishes and I instantly teared up. This, I would miss. I'll miss the people. (But only some of them. Some will keep my blood boiling for years on end...)

    I can't believe I have to go in tomorrow for one last day...would it be terrible to call in sick? Just kidding. Okay, I'm not kidding, but I have to go in since I have to turn in my computer. Blah. (It's a silly piece of crap that barely works, anyway.)

    I'd like to spare myself the humiliation that is crying in front of your co-workers. It's simply unprofessional, and completely unavoidable...let the waterworks begin...(fyi, i cry at the drop of a hat these days...I even cried while watching an episode of...well, I don't actually remember what it was, but it wasn't that sad and it wasn't worth crying over in retrospect...the point is that I sobbed like a baby anyway...but I digress...)

    It seemed like every time I got up from my desk (and I did that alot...a true procrastinator goes to the bathroom at least once every hour...and surveys the kitchen for new and mysterious snacks...hey, where'd that turkey jerky come from...hey, I haven't seen you in a while...time for a five to ten minute stop-and-chat) I passed some other person I hadn't really thought about not seeing on a daily basis.

    I will miss lots of folks.

    I wish they would just get jobs in the city already. Get out of the EB
    already!(and by that I mean East Bay, not Engineering Bathroom as some would have you believe.) Then we could still meet for occasional lunches or drinks...

    I'll miss these work friends. But that's how life is. Even when you live in the same city it's tough to keep in touch occasionally with folks that you were used to chatting with daily...somehow it just isn't ever the same...sniff...

    I'm going to be such a mess tomorrow...

    What the green-eyed monster attacks

    It hits hard...and my sweet little kitty must have been hit by a dumptruck load of jealousy, because she hates me. Now that I come home and get on my bee-yoo-tee-ful new computer, instead of doing things like immediately spending five hours petting her, and immediately showering her with cat treats, I find myself getting the stink-eye from my questionably faithful companion.

    As evidenced here...

    And here...

    Do you see those glares? She absolutely, positively hates me now.

    What you can easily tell from these pics, is that I am currently keeping a rather messy office. Clearly, I'm in denial about it as I hide away the somewhat organized (yeah, right) mess into bright orange storage containers. Because it's a lot easier to ignore the mess when it's neatly tucked away.

    What is a little more difficult to tell, is that when perched on that box she has a clear view of everything I'm typing on the web...and she's absorbing it all...

    She knows I'm writing about her right now...

    Help me...

    Wednesday, June 08, 2005


    Man, today was a real soul-sucker. It's always hard to say goodbye to a job. Okay, well maybe not the actual work or most of the folks there. But there are always a few people who you see everyday who really make or break your work day. You know the kind of folks I'm talking about. The big, super-fab queenie gay guy...the dark and sarcastic goth princess, the quiet fist-shaker...I'm seriously going to miss those guys.

    It's also hard to leave a job because it just becomes habit. Sure, your blood pressure is 300/300 and you're dealing with idiots on a daily basis, but it is familiar. It's really just like a bad relationship. You know it's not going anywhere, but it just seems easier to deal with the familiar rather than the big scary UNKNOWN...

    Clearly, I'm having second thoughts induced by the panic of the UNKNOWN. But really, it doesn't take much pondering to realize that even if the UNKNOWN (aka new job) sucks big fat donkey balls, it will still be better than the familiar. And that's just sad.

    Oh well, at least I'll respect myself "at the end of the day" (may I never hear that phrase uttered in my general direction again)

    And now, for some faboo knitting pics. Okay, the picture quality is less than stellar, and once again my cat had to wedge herself between the camera and mirror, but you'll get the idea.

    This is a ruffle shawl I made earlier this year. I had to cast on 1000 stitches. It took forever (the casting on) but after that cast on it was smooth sailing.

    Clearly I need some help with my bow tying skills.

    Tuesday, June 07, 2005

    Quick trip down skein lane...

    Just wanted to post a quick couple 'o picks of ye olde projects of yore. I've knitted so, so much and yet have photos of very little. So today, for your amusement, I had an impromptu photo shoot in my bathroom.

    I was assisted by my very capable, furry and loving kitty, Mabel who had to check the lighting of each shot by walking in front of the camera before each and every shot.


    This was a shawl I knit earlier this year with Rowan kidsilk haze (god, i love love love that yarn) and some silk ribbon. Of course, it keeps stretching out, so I'm either going to have to use one of those circle thingies to cinch it, or come up with a cute pin.

    Anyway, here's a detail shot.

    It's super warm, and super soft, and well...just plain super. Love it.

    Monday, June 06, 2005

    Shop 'till you drop

    So yesterday I met a friend of mine downtown to do a "little" shopping and alot of knitting.

    Somehow we ended up doing a TON of shopping and only a little bit of knitting. It all began innocently enough...a quick trip through a flagship Forever 21 (yes, three floors of super cute, cheap clothing and accessories)...hours later we emerged each bearing giant bags (yes, I'm using the plural here because I walked out of that store with three bags) full of accessories.

    I wasn't going to mention the shirt that didn't fit, but come on! I'm a size 8 at most...generally I wear a medium. Let's just say that the large t-shirt from forever 21, which in comparison to other size L t-shirts there seemed so much bigger, was WAY WAY too tight. It totally emphasized the back fat rolls I don't have. (Sure, maybe I'm in denial, but if I admit that, then I really have to stick to this stupid diet).

    Yep, I'm back on the stinky South Beach diet. I have to fit into a size 6 bridesmaid's dress that I still haven't yet gotten in the mail. Why? Because my sister-in-law picked a dress of which there were only four remaining in the country. Literally. There was compromising on all fronts, since she has four bridesmaids--three of which are virtually the same size.

    I'm not quite sure how I got stuck with the next-to-the-smallest size. (Actually, I do, because I wasn't there with them when they were shopping). Oh well. Cottage cheese and salad for me...and maybe a handful of almonds if I'm lucky.

    Now I'm craving everything in site. Today I went out to lunch with two friends. To their credit, the little deli we went to had a huge salad selection. However, they also had an amazing baked goods selecton. In fact, they had the tastiest looking pink-frosted cupcake that I have ever seen...I could almost taste how delectable it was standing 10 feet away (I couldn't get any closer, else my willpower would simply melt away).

    But I digress.

    Anyway, even though I started this blog to write about knitting and crafting, I rarely post crafty pics. So here's where I am on the turtleneck shrug/scarf from that new scarf style book.

    Hopefully, I'll start knitting faster again really soon...It's going really slowly right now...I have to get used to dpns again...I've been really relying on circulars...d'oh.

    Anyway, I've gotta run out to return the XXS, yet somehow size L t-shirt and am trading it in for some fabulous earrings.


    Thursday, June 02, 2005

    A new baby in the hizzouse

    Move over ms. iPod, there's a new baby in the house...try not to be jealous...but my brand spanking new apple computer is here to stay! I've been waiting years to get an apple computer (literally a decade since I got my last one) and it was well worth the wait.

    In fact, last night as I gingerly brought it home from the apple store in a taxicab, I couldn't have been more giddy with delight.

    I still haven't seen the Lost season finale...because I had to stay up all night with my new precioussssss...

    And of course, I had to can't use any old filthy, crappy, free mousepad you have lying around the house...

    I can't wait to stay up all night again with my new baby...

    I'm completely in love with my new that wrong?