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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Crop Art

Need I say more? You simply have to check out the Crop Art. Simply awesome.

Updates, updates, updates

Despite the title of this post, there really aren't too many updates to be had.

I started my new job two weeks ago, post wedding whirlwind. So far it's going well. The folks I work with directly are nice and smart and are expert at designing for the Internets, so that seems like a bonus compared to last job.

I have my own lovely office which has windows that open, and outdoors trees and flowers are growing--I can smell lavender and rosemary.

The office building is right on a river and has cute riverside dining nooks.

Why, this job sounds too good to be true. And in a way it is. Because I'm driving at least 90 miles a day (45 each way) in Bay Area traffic to get there.

Mabel waits patiently for me to get home.

Waiting is so exhausting...

If I sleep now, when I wake up mom'll be home...zzzzzzzzzzz...

On the plus side I will be getting to work with some really fantastic clients, and will have a large variety of work. Yay. Also, eventually I'll be able to telecommute part that's not so bad either...

Who knows? Maybe I'll get tired of cold, foggy summers and will move to be closer to my job...assuming this one sticks...keeping fingers crossed...

In knitting news I'm working on a lovely store sample for Warren of Marin Fiber Arts. It's from a Rowan book, and is a super cute toddler wrap sweater (pics to follow once I get a bit more done).

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wedapalooza 2006

Finally back to blogging after spending 10 days in VA, then a week at my new job. Job details come later, of course. First things first. The wedding.

It seemed like there was minor drama from the getgo. The church where the wedding was taking place was under construction (might have been nice to know a year ago when plans were being made). The worst part was that they had torn out the parking lot pavement, and left a ragged mess of rutted gravel. Not small ruts, mind you. Huge ones. Ankle-twisting ruts.

Pretty unacceptable, given that the average age of guests was somewhere in the 50s. The church kept assuring my parents and sister that the parking lot would be paved before the wedding. My first morning in VA, my mom, the wedding planner extraordinaire, and myself took a field trip up to the church to check it out.

We found the foreman in charge of construction and had a little chat. Turns out he and his crew didn't even know there was going to be a wedding the next weekend. There was absolutely no time frame in place to even pave the parking lot. He assured us that they would do their best to at least smooth out the ruts. (And, to their credit, they did a fantastic job).

Next church issue--weeds everywhere. I guess since construction was going on, they decided to sit back and just let things go. The flower beds were full of weeds and poison ivy, and the pots on the front steps were full of dead weeds. It was simply hideous.

We decided to take matters into our own hands, and ended up buying some flowers and potting them ourselves the day before the wedding.

There was all kinds of additional drama. I went for my dress fitting my first day in VA, and oops! The dress shop had ordered the wrong size. I'm sort of flattered that they took my measurements in December and thought I might drop 15+ pounds before August, but really it was quite ridiculous. The top didn't even come close to zipping.

Their suggestion? Why don't we just have the top lace up the back. Our answer was a resounding NO!!! To make a long, dramatic story short and to the point, they ended up taking out the seams, and I ended up eating far less than usual. On Friday when I picked it up, the dress fit. I guess that's all that matters.

Of course, this same shop was where my father had been measured for his tuxedo. In a ridiculous turn of events, they ordered the wrong size jacket for him. When he called to let them know that there was no way this thing was going to button, their response was "Well, a rental isn't going to fit like a tailored tux." Um, yeah, but it should button.

They proposed all kinds of ridiculous work-arounds. We ended up going back to get him another jacket.

The wedding itself was fine. The church ended up not being so bad. The service was a bit lengthy and religious for my taste, but overall it was nice. The gorgeous flowers ended up being my nemesis, as I struggled not to sneeze repeatedly throughout the ceremony.

All in all everything worked out okay. It would have been nice to spend more time doing vacationy stuff (since for me this was part of my precious little vacation time), but at least the ceremony and wedding were hitchless.

And, the fat cat, Hoss, was available to provide many moments of zen. Meow.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

What About Knitting?

Well, I'm happy to say that knitting and I have gotten back together after a trial separation. Luckily, the trial divorce didn't take, and we are fully reconciled. At least I get to save on the expense of divorce. Of course everybody knows that knitting isn't cheap to support, but I vow to do my very best to support knitting in the manner to which it has grown accustomed.

Thank you, Warren, for coming in to the freezing cold city to have dinner and knit up a storm! Warren and I learned a valuable lesson on Monday night. If you are at a Mayan restaurant and have a hankering for, say, dessert, stand up and run for the safety of the hills.

If you persist in ordering a dessert, stick with the flan--a traditional dessert of this culture. If they are out of flan, and I cannot stress this enough, run screaming for the hills. Do not under any circumstances order the Yucatan style cheesecake. It consists of a sorry, soggy little slice of flan topped with a super sweet caramel sauce.

Definitely don't order a bowl of Yucatan cherries with a side of ice cream. Though it sounds delicious and refreshing, what you don't know is that the cherries are a sickly yellow color and are all pits. They have a sour, dirt-like taste which lingers in your mouth and destroys the ice cream flavor, as well as a bizarre mealy texture which lingers in a most unpleasant fashion.

Do, however, eat any and all garnish which is served to you. Strawberries and mint are delicious palate cleansers and will eradicate the disgusting faux cherry taste from your mouth.

Seriously, save yourself the time and trouble and pick up a pint of ice cream on your way home.

Anyway, one last sleeve to go on my niece's pink fisherman's sweater. Hopefully I'll finish this thing up (as soon as I get back from my sister's wedding). Dum, dum da dum.