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Sunday, October 30, 2005

A lovely Sunday spent knitting

Yes, that's right. Today I spent a lovely afternoon purusing yarn in my friend Warren's yarn store Marin Fiber Arts. The store is really fantastic -- really an ideal yarn store design...lots of yummy yarns and plenty of space to mill about.

Met some lovely fellow crafters and knitted up a storm.

Anyway, here are some pics of Warren.



Thursday, October 27, 2005

I'm just exhausted...

Well, true to form I have once again bitten off way more than I can chew in the work department. Not only am I now the manager of a department of one (me) which means I have to manage lots of contractors, do budgeting, make reports and stuff...I still have to find time to design stuff. Sigh.

As if that wasn't enough, I have also taken on a bunch of contract work lately. Too much, in fact. I've always been a consummate over-achiever. At this age it's pretty exhausting though. Yesterday I worked just over 9 hours at my real job. Then came home and worked a few more hours on contract stuff.

Of course, clearly I'm super exhausted because all of this work leaves me no time to knit.

Ah, well. At least I've got my cats to de-stress me with forcible cuddling.

Speaking of cats (yes, I'm aware this is the worst segue ever) here's a photo of a cat mummy from the British Museum. I loved his face. Loved it so much that I bought this weird little figurine of the famous cat mummy (and I am so not a figurine kind of gal).

Monday, October 24, 2005

First Class, baby

So today was my first official day as a "blue badge" convert. Finally, I was on top of the world--a first-class citizen.

Of course, later today I found out that I'm merely middle-class as there are still fully-stocked kitchens (i.e. more than water, tea, and coffee) that are completely off limits to the likes of me. Sigh.

Now, the first of many pics from London. Here I am at Stonehenge on a rather windy, yet beautiful day.

I was prepared to be unimpressed, but it was truly an awe-inspiring site. We had a hilarious tour guide who gave us the prescribed information/theories about what Stonehenge was and how it was built as dictated by the site archeologist.

Of course, after explaining each of his theories (and how completely crazy they were) she would give us her own extremely practical theories. Hilarious.

Also, the magnetic currents running through the earth there were suprising. Our tour guide had these metal L-shaped rods which you could hold in your fists. As you moved around the rods would react to the currents in the earth and would swing around and occasionally go parallel.

Now, I'm pretty skeptical about new agey stuff in general, but you could definitely feel something at Stonehenge...some connection to the earth...

Basically, I give it two thumbs up. If you're over in London, Salisbury and Stonehenge are a worthwhile daytrip.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Long time, no post...

Well, I was away in London for a week with my parents. Then, I was back in SF sick, but still having to work every day. Now, things have finally calmed down. I managed to download all of the pics from London from my camera, and soon I'll have some to share :-)

For now, I'm taking a break and doing some knitting this weekend. This is my first real patterned knitting (that involves more than a single cable). Hopefully it will turn into an adorable sweater for my year-old nephew.

If I'm lucky I can get it done before Christmas...keep your fingers crossed :-)


Monday, October 03, 2005

World's Cutest Baby Shoes

Sadly, I have little to report. Almost no knitting, little else really going on. But, I do have a pic of the self-proclaimed world's cutest baby shoes (which I purchased at Whole Wallet on a whim because they perfectly match the baby sweater I made my little niece).

Sorry about the flash and all, but now that it's getting dark before I get home from work the flash will be a sad but necessary evil.

The Weekend Recap

Saturday, BF and I were invited to his co-worker's wedding. I decided to skip the wedding (long, hour + catholic ceremony) and meet up with everyone at the reception. Hey, I had freelance design work to do...

Anyway, as I was getting all dressed up to meet everyone at the reception I was informed via cellphone, but a slightly perplexed and perturbed BF, that we were not invited to the reception. In fact, none of the co-workers were.


Of course, we couldn't let the getting dressed up go to waste so clearly we had have drinks, go out to dinner, and go out all night to a karaoke bar. Yes, really we HAD to.

It was a good time. You'd think I was in my 20s or something...

I even have semi-blurry drunken photos to prove it :-)