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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Elwood says "I love you"

No, really...he does. Check it out (and please pardon the less than stellar quality of the video--what can I say it was shot with a digital still camera).

Elwood just keeps getting closer and closer to Mabel, and as her growls intensify, he tries to quell put her at ease with his I love yous. At first we thought it was a fluke but he keeps doing it...

It's kinda sorta creepy...

Monday, July 24, 2006

It's Too Darn Hot!

This is pretty much how Miss Peabody, aka Mabel and I spent the weekend.

It was simply too hot to do anything else. If we play our cards right, Kitty, maybe we can sleep out this heatwave...

The Sweetest Cake in the World

No, not literally. Figuratively. Besides being completely scrumptious, this cake tasted like the best cake I had ever eaten. Who knows, maybe once you're free of an albatross everything tastes better. And yet, this is literally the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten. Thank you J of Fabino for the world's most delicious cake.

The box was a joy to behold. You know, I've got the matching fabric to that ribbon.

I love the scrolly white icing--so pretty.

And, the chocolate covered espresso beans add a gorgeous and tasty touch.

The port really does enhance the chocolately goodness.

Cake leftovers.

Thank you UE for the wonderful cake, port, and homemade Frappucinos. You guys are the best. THE BEST. Now, don't let it go to yer heads.

Farewell, Big Blue Blob

Thank you, fellow co-workers of the Big Blob, for my lovely drinks/apps outing. Good times, and delicious cocktails were most certainly had by all, as evidenced by the following photos:

This is a true Blue Blob insider jamba juice anyone? It takes the edge off...

A mighty tasty sidecar (or so rumor has it). I was drinking Dorothy Parkers (which are pink with a sugar frosted rims). Delicious, but I was sucking them down so fast they managed to evade the camera.

J smiles unconvincingly while C ponders the point of mini-bread as an appetizer.

"Oh, silly me. I should just use these to scoop the dip right into my mouth. Like a large, flat spoon." --C

J tries to keep up his cheery exterior, whilst the devastating reality of my impending departure hits C like a ton of cat poop.

Seriously, guys, I had yet another great time with a great group of kids. Thanks for everything! Especially my gift bag full of crafty goodness. Can't wait to use that Etch-a-sketch!

Friday, July 21, 2006

J Maxi

Meet J. Maxi. She's a temp and can Quit at Lunch (Q@L). She's got a hammer, and she's not afraid to wield it. Watch out, suckers! She won't take your lame corporate evidenced by her rather angry brows...

She's also on a stick, which makes her perfect to bring along to corporate meetings, gatherings, water-cooler gatherings and coffee breaks.

J Max rocks!

Note: J Max was made for nootsmaak who is being "left behind"...I'll miss you nootsie...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Meet Miss Maxi and Friends

Meet Ms. Maxi and her friends. Yes, they are crafted from pantiliners. And they have googly eyes. They are swinging single and having a blast taking San Francisco by storm. And, more importantly, I had a blast making them during my last week in hell.

This is Tammi. She's heading off to the prom with her BFF Miss Maxine Maxi. She loves her sparkly prom dress of the "disco spring" oeuvre. Her matching feather handbag is to die for.

And this little fancypants is Miss Maxine Maxi herself. She's wearing a gorgeous party dress made from tissue paper and accented with glitter glue. She loves sparkles, flowers and fake eyelashes.

And this little lady is Miss Maxi's pageant friend, Mitzy. She's ready to win win win (the title of Ms. Maxi 2006--keep your fingers crossed) while wearing her sassy red bikini accented with sparkles. This one's a real firecracker.

Coming soon: meet the extended Maxi family...

And, yes, clearly I have way too much time on my hands.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Subhead: Wind Knocked Out of Incompetent Co-Worker's Sails

Today in celebration/anticipation of my impending departure from workplace hell I felt compelled to "stick it to" some folks via email who've had it coming. I've gotta say it felt awfully good not bother holding back the jabs and punches. Take that, and that! I might even have felt a bit guilty if these jokers weren't "professional hobbyists" and thus deserving of my wrath and ire. Take that! Ms. Crafty 2, Jokers 0.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Yet another lazy Sunday here at das Haus der Katzen. The cats finally seem to be getting used to one another. There was a time in the not so recent past, when I wondered if those crazy furballs would ever settle down...and they have finally begun to tolerate each other's least enough to fool me on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Elwood's nighttime cries for freedom have finally begun to subside, and he is settling in to his temporary home.

I haven't been knitting...I haven't been doing much of anything other than catching up on New Yorkers and playing xBox (thanks for the loaner KB).

That said, it's been so long since I blogged about anything of consequence that I actually have some news. I quit my job. That's right--I decided to give up the job that was making my life completely miserable. And, even better, I've got a new job lined up for when I get back from my baby sis' wedding.

Sure, I'll have to commute, but I have to say that I am much looking forward to going back to consulting. Projects have an end...if a client is difficult, you can choose to not work with said client again.

I will definitely miss a handful of my coworkers (you know who you are), but it's time for me to move on.

Wish me luck during my last week. May my loose lips bludgeon holes in the sails of many incompetent professional hobbyists...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Welcome, Elwood.

We would officially like to welcome Elwood into the fold. Elwood will be staying in luxurious San Francisco accommodations with G and myself, whilst KB and her BF live and work in the UK for a bit.

Elwood loves to be petted, and likes to be held and cuddled in laps. He loves to play with his catnip-filled kitty body pillow and is quite the chatterbox.

Note to self: when picking him up, please remember to bend at the knee. Use your leg muscles to lift--not your lower back. :-)